Own a Piece of Your Crypto Exchange

Earn daily interest with an option to become a shareholder of CoinMetro

What is the Deal?

Fundraising Goal



Minimum Investment 


Annual Interest Rate


Closing Date

Invest in the Future of Finance 

All you need from buying Bitcoin to invest in startups in one place

We Grew 20x in 2020

January vs December Growth Rate



Monthly Revenue


Monthly Volume


Become a Shareholder Whilst Earning Interest

8-12% Annual Interest

Get in Early

Easy Exit

You have the opportunity to get a piece of the company at €50M valuation.

You can simply sell the CoinMetro Bond token to other investors.

The CoinMetro bond pays you 8-12% annual interest during the term, paid daily. 

The CoinMetro bond is offered for a term of 2 years.

At the end of the bond term (2 years), you can either convert your CoinMetro Bonds into the CoinMetro Growth Token, an equity-like instrument based on today’s valuation of €50M, or cash out into XCM tokens at a fixed value of 0.20 per XCM*.

*XCM is a native token on the CoinMetro platform. All the fees are transacted in XCM.

ROI Calculator Example


Amount of bonds:


Price per bond:



Total investment:

Daily interest rate:


Daily interest earnings:


Annual interest rate:


Annual interest earnings:


Your Options at Bond Maturity (2 years)

Convert Bond Tokens to *Growth Tokens at a Rate of 1:1

25,000 XCM (CoinMetro’s Native Utility Token)


*Equity like Growth Tokens offer equity-like rights in CoinMetro’s parent company. If you invest €5000 in the bond issuance, you will receive 500 Bond tokens. At maturity of the bond you then have the option to redeem those tokens for 500 Growth Tokens which would grant you 0.01% equity rights in CoinMetro of the total 5% availability based on today’s €50mil seed valuation.

Become a Shareholder of CoinMetro

Be part of our vision of a better financial world where everyone has access to banking and investment products. We are here to do things right and focus on the long term goals. 

Join us on this ride of fixing finance, the right way.

Where Are We Going?

CoinMetro has had immense growth in the past few years, culminating in the launch of Europe’s first end-to-end security token investment platform. But we shall not stop there. Following the bond issuance we are focusing on:

User Growth & Expansion

New Markets & Regions

Expanding Our Product Portfolio

We are ramping up our marketing efforts for faster expansion

Launching bank challenger products, and improving existing solutions

Licensing to offer services to new regions in their native currency

CoinMetro is a Pioneer When It Comes to Crypto Regulation

CoinMetro is an EU licensed exchange and holds active registrations with regulators in the USA and Australia.

What is the Risk?

On the investment risk scale, bonds, also referred to as fixed income investments, typically sit between cash and shares. 

Bonds can rise or fall in price, however the interest rate is pegged to the purchase price of the bond, therefore their prices stay relatively stable.


What payment methods are accepted?

Euro: SEPA, Credit Card

USD: ACH, Domestic Wire transfer, Credit Card

GBP: UK faster payments, Credit Card

Crypto: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and BCH 

Your investment will convert to Euro for the bond

What do investors receive in exchange for their investment?

You will receive CoinMetro bond token. Then you have the opportunity to either convert the bonds into equity in CoinMetro or you can cash out through CoinMetro’s native utility token XCM.

How will bond tokens be converted to equity?

At the end of the term, you can convert to an equity-like token, giving you rights to revenue share and profit distribution. Bond tokens convert to equity-like tokens 1:1 at the current valuation of €50M

What is the current valuation based on? 

The valuation is based on the closing of CoinMetro's last funding round in November 2019 when €1.4M was invested at the valuation of €50M. 

The future funding rounds are projected to be valued at a higher price.

How can I earn higher interest?

When you purchase the CoinMetro Bond, earning starts from 8% interest but you can increase your earnings by locking XCM into different rebate tiers.

Lock 10 000 XCM to earn 9% interest on your investment

Lock 25 000 XCM to earn 10% interest on your investment

Lock 50 000 XCM to earn 11% interest on your investment

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